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Dragon Ball Fusions: All Race and Gender Perks


Dragon Ball Fusions: All Race and Gender Perks

Race and Gender Perks – Dragon Ball Fusions

Dragon Ball Fusions is the brand new Dragon Ball RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. At the very beginning, players will have the option of creating a character from one of five different races – Earthling, Saiyan, Namekian, Offworlder, and Alien. Each race has its own perks which fans of the games would recognize, but they are different from how they appear in other games. If you’ve been playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for instance, the perks don’t exactly match up so we’ve listed them here to help you choose which one is best.

Unlike other games in the Dragon Ball universe, Dragon Ball Fusion doesn’t have any gender-specific perks, so you don’t have to worry about which one you have to choose. Pick the one you want.

Earthling – “People from Earth. Fast and good at offense and defense.” They are well balanced characters that aren’t exactly the best at using Ki but can still hold their own against enemies.

Saiyan – “A combat race known for their tails. Tough, but slower.” Saiyans in Dragon Ball Fusion are basically just really powerful Earthlings with spikier hair and less speed.

Namekian – “A race with green skin and antennae. Low health, but strong Ki Blasts.” In Xenoverse, Namekians are all about health and healing, they swap that out for ranged power in this RPG.

Offworlder (looks like a Majin) – “People from other dimensions. Strong Ki Blasts and very swift.” The Offworlders look just like Majins, but they seem to have much more stamina and rely primarily on their speed and ranged ability. It’s useful, and actually not so bad looking compared to other games.

Alien – “Aliens from various planets. Slow, but great at melee.” This race is perfect for those who want to get up close and personal with enemies in Dragon Ball Fusions. Their lack of speed can make staying in range a bit of a challenge, but you can put on the hurts once you’re close.

Knowing what you’re getting into definitely makes it easier to choose, so make sure to consider how it is you like to play and pick the race that matches most.

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