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Dishonored 2: How to Upgrade Powers


Dishonored 2: How to Upgrade Powers

Upgrading Powers – Dishonored 2

To help you restore Emily to her rightful spot on the throne, you’ll have a range of different weapons, powers, and bonecharms to let you deal with each situation in a multitude of different ways. There are some that will benefit those players wanting to adopt a low-chaos route, while others are for those who want to eliminate anyone who gets in their way. The base versions of these powers are good, but upgrading powers in Dishonored 2 is the key to success.

If you want to upgrade your powers in Dishonored 2, you’ll need to pick up runes which can be found lying around all over the world. A tip for getting runes quickly is to equip the heart and simply head in the direction of the rune location indicators. Once you’ve got enough, press the touchpad on PS4 or the Views button on Xbox One to open up your Mission menu. From here, press R1 or RB to make your way over to the Powers menu.

Next, select the Power you want to upgrade and then select the upgrade you’d like to purchase. As long as you have enough runes, you can make the purchase and it will automatically be activated so you don’t have to do anything else to benefit from your purchase.

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