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Titanfall 2: The Best Titan Classes To Use in Multiplayer


Titanfall 2: The Best Titan Classes To Use in Multiplayer


One of the most effective Titans in close quarters combat is Ronin. Equipped with the Leadwall, a wide-spread shotgun capable of devastating both pilots and Titans alike up close, it won’t take long to take care of your enemies once they’re in range. To help you get close enough to really dish out the damage to your opponents, Ronin also has the ability to Phase Dash. He’ll temporarily phase out of the world, avoiding incoming fire and allowing you to catch your enemy off-guard.

Once you’re up close and personal, Ronin is capable of dealing out significant damage as well as defending itself more than competently. Its sword’s Arc Wave attack creates an electric wave that damages and slows enemies hit by it. The perfect attack to land on your enemies just before unloading several shotgun rounds into them. You can also reduce damage taken with a handy sword block.

After you’ve racked up enough carnage with Ronin, activating its core will grant you access to more sword attacks that are lethal to a Titan. A good few swipes will see your opponent fall in seconds.

Ronin is the perfect Titan for those who aren’t afraid to get right into the heart of the action. It might not be the best protected, but a skilled player will be able to make use of its phase dash, ordinary dash, and sword block to evade and reduce the barrage of damage heading its way.

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