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Titanfall 2: How to Regenerate and What it Is


Titanfall 2: How to Regenerate and What it Is

Regeneration – Titanfall 2

Just like its predecessor, Titanfall 2 has a regeneration system which sees you essentially Prestiging your character. While in the original game the only thing that could regenerate was your character, Titanfall 2 brings the feature to a number of different elements.

First thing’s first, let’s explain what regeneration is. As we just mentioned, it’s very much like Prestiging in Call of Duty. Each time you hit the maximum rank, you can reset all of your unlocks and customization options to hit the next generation. Doing so will grant you the ability to unlock some of the rarest skins and items in the game, so it’s definitely worth doing if you get the option.

What’s different in Titanfall 2, however, is the number of different things that have the regeneration feature. Not only can you regenerate your character, but your Titans and weapons too. Once a specific Titan or weapon hits its maximum level, you’ll be given the option to regenerate. Doing so will then allow you to unlock skins exclusive to that weapon and that generation. Continue to regenerate weapons, Titans, and your character to eventually unlock everything.

It’s also important to note that regenerations no longer require you to complete a set list of challenges either. Now, it’s purely a case of getting your equipment or character to the maximum level.

To regenerate, all you have to do is select the option on the weapon, Titan, or character that is eligible. It’ll be a big option that’s in your face so you can’t miss it either. Confirm the option and bingo, you’ve successfully regenerated.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s ever-expanding wiki guide for Titanfall 2.

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