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Titanfall 2: How to Do Titan Executions


Titanfall 2: How to Do Titan Executions

Titan Executions – Titanfall 2

While your Titanfall 2 Titans will have plenty of tricks up its sleeve to get itself out of tough situations, one of the more impressive things it can do is pull off a badass execution on another Titan. This will basically see your Titan finish your enemy off with some melee combat, and it looks awesome.

If you want to pull off a Titan execution, you’ll first need to find an enemy Titan that’s doomed. You can tell if a Titan is doomed or not by its health bar. If it’s diagonally striped, then it’s about to explode and you’ll be able to pull off one of those awesome titan executions.

Get right up close to your target and press R3. If you’ve done it right, the camera will flip out to a third person view as you watch the finisher play out.

Of course, it’s worth noting that doomed Titans can also be set by their Pilot to explode, causing huge damage to anything around it, so it’s best to be careful and catch your enemy off-guard so they don’t have time to initiate the self-destruct sequence.

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