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Mafia III: How to Sneak and Use Stealth


Mafia III: How to Sneak and Use Stealth

Stealth and Sneak and Stalk – Mafia III

There will be times within the world of Mafia III where you’ll want to do a lot of less than reputable things, but deal with minimal hassle while doing them. This may be sneaking into an enemy strong point to take out a powerful enemy, or simply to watch them freak out as their allies disappear one by one. When you get this particular urge, you’re going to want to rely on stealth, which is called stalking in Mafia III.

To activate this ability, simply click in R3/RS to crouch and you will be able to move silently. It works on a toggle, so you don’t have to hold it down. When in this position, you will be harder to see, since you are lower to the ground and can easily hide behind cover, and you will be able to get really close to enemies without them being startled. Once you close in one someone, you can use a silent takedown to incapacitate them, or simply sneak on by. In this game, the choice is completely yours for how your Lincoln is going to deal with the obstacles ahead of him.

For more help with Mafia III, check back in to Twinfinite for tips, guides, and more!

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