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Mafia III: How to Lose the Police


Mafia III: How to Lose the Police

Lose the Police – Mafia III

While Mafia III may be filled with tons of mayhem and bloodshed, there are laws that you are expected to follow. Stepping outside of the law means having to deal with the police. Luckily this doesn’t mean an instant game over. You can flee the long arm of the law, provided you have a bit of perseverance.

Getting away from the police requires the completion of two steps, getting out of a red circle, then getting out of a blue one. The red one will be the trickiest as the officers will be more adamant and will shoot on sight. This makes them very dangerous, especially since you’ll be grossly outnumbered. Run or drive as fast as you can to escape this initial circle. Once free, you’ll find yourself in a blue circle.

The blue circle requires that you use stalking and shadows to lose the police. They’ll be actively searching, but there will be a smaller number of them and they won’t be as violent. You can either use silent takedowns to clear out anyone nearby, or slowly sneak out of the circle. Whichever route you decide on, once you’re out of the blue circle, you’re home free.

Of course, it’s better to never grab the attention of the law in the first place. But being bad is so damn tempting in Mafia III’s New Bordeaux.

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