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Mafia III: How to Do Silent Takedowns and Sneak Attacks


Mafia III: How to Do Silent Takedowns and Sneak Attacks

Silent Takedowns – Mafia III

While shooting enemies and blowing things up are exceedingly fun in Mafia III, there will come times when a lighter hand is much better for a situation. When these times arise, you’ll want to rely on silent takedowns which quickly incapacitate an enemy (sometimes in hilarious ways that don’t seem to be so silent).

All that’s required for a silent takedown is that you are undetected and behind an enemy. To stay undetected, it’s better that you use the stalk mechanic (Mafia III’s form of sneaking). Clicking in R3/RS will toggle stalk mode, leading Lincoln to crouch walk around silently. Use this to get behind your target. Once in position, press Circle/B to instantly take them down. It’s as simple as that, and you won’t be caught dealing with this enemy.

If you can pay attention to and learn a group of enemies’ routes, you can potentially take every single one of them without ever raising suspicion. Just remember to move bodies out of the way just in case you take one out in someone’s path. You won’t want to be sloppy and get caught.

For more help with Mafia III, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides, tips, and more!

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