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Mafia III: How to Get Screaming Zemi Dolls


Mafia III: How to Get Screaming Zemi Dolls


In Mafia III, you’ll have many tools you can throw out to take enemies by surprise. One of these is the Zemi Doll, a throwable item that can distract enemies or lure them to your location for a good ol’ throat slash (or you can use it to mess with the superstitious folk). But before you can get a chance to try it out, you need to help out your first Underboss, Cassandra. She wants you to kill Merle Jackson, who’s holding women as prisoners at the Perla’s strip club.

To start, you’ll have to head to the strip club yourself to free the women that are in the upper levels. Use your Instinct View to keep track of where the guards are and take them out when needed. The women are on the upper level and are going to be in rooms, and you’ll have to pick their locks to free them. Don’t worry about having to search all around the second floor; the doors are right next to each other. On two of the doors, there’ll be men in there with them; take them out. Once you’re done, head back to The Voice, and he’ll give you the next part of your mission: killing the pimps.

In Mafia III, when you’re taking out rackets, you’ll have to cause some financial damage to their operation, which usually involves killing lieutenants in the racket, like pimps, or by taking any money that you see. The pimps aren’t that far away from The Voice’s location, and you can kill them however you please. Once you’ve killed both of the pimps and gotten the damage cost down to $0, head back to Perla’s and go back upstairs to the second floor where you freed the women.

Take a right at the room closest to a door, head through the bar (take out the two guys drinking), and you’ll eventually find Merle. He’ll be talking to someone, but just kill that guy, then Merle. As a reward for your troubles, Cassandra will give you some free Zemi Dolls, but after you use those up, you’ll have to get them from the Arms Dealer. To equip it, just pull up the weapon wheel, then hit R1/RB to switch over to it. Throw them like you would regular grenades or Molotovs.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Mafia III wiki.

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