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Mafia III: How to Feed Enemies to Alligators


Mafia III: How to Feed Enemies to Alligators

Alligators – Mafia III

Since Mafia III takes place in a fictional New Orleans, there are bayous that you can explore. Inside of these bayous live various threats, including live alligators that lie just beneath the surface of the water, waiting to be fed. If you want, you can take their diet into your hands. That’s right, they can totally be fed. But not just with any, plain ol’ meat.

When fighting enemies in swampy areas, you can dump their bodies (dead or simply unconscious) into the water. Just pick them up after they die or are knocked out, and head over to a water’s edge and dump them in. After a few seconds, they will automatically be eaten by a gator, eliminating all evidence that you ever harmed anyone in the first place and contributing to New Bordeaux’s ecosystem. Of course, the people you’re feeding to these animals may not feel the same, but who cares what they think, right? Lincoln was totally going to kill them anyway. There’s no harm in having a bit of fun with gators. Well, to you. Your enemies will totally die from it.

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