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Mafia III: How to Call for a New Car


Mafia III: How to Call for a New Car

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How to Call for a New Car in Mafia III

In Mafia III, you’re going to be driving around a lot. Whether it’s getting from mission to mission, or just to see the sights of New Bordeaux, driving is the quickest and easiest way to get around. But sometimes, the cars available in the open world just aren’t going to be to your standard or liking. Or maybe it exploded into an enormous ball of flames after a shootout and you just really need to get from A to B in a dash. Here’s what you need to know to call for a new car in Mafia III.

Fortunately, you’ve got the ability to call for a new car in Mafia III. After you settle up with your Underboss, Burke, you’ll gain the ability to do so.

To start, you’ll need to access your weapon wheel. Scroll down to the green car icon, then release the left stick. You’ll get a prompt to choose from a small selection of cars. Pick whichever one you want, and then Lincoln will ask for a ride on his personal radio. The wheelman will drop it off relatively close to you (it’ll be within your sights, for sure), then they’ll step out and it’ll be yours for the taking. Simply head on over to it and hop in as you would any other vehicle in the game.

Remember, though, cars don’t come cheap in New Bordeaux, so you’ll need to ensure you’ve got enough money to pay for your fresh set of wheels.

That’s all you need to know to call for a new car so you can get on the go faster in Mafia III. Now go and teach the Italian Mafia a lesson! For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our expanding Mafia III wiki.


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