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10 Final Fantasy Character Archetypes Found in Nearly Every Game


10 Final Fantasy Character Archetypes Found in Nearly Every Game

These characters seem familiar.

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The Final Fantasy series is known for having intricate storylines, with detailed and complex characters. Some of the time, however, characters from each game can seem a little similar. There are quite a few archetypes from the series that you consistently see pop up time and again, in more than one game. Let’s take a look at just a few that seem to be a regular thing.

SPOILER WARNING: There may be some character and plot details divulged for Final Fantasy games when talking about archetypes. Just be warned if there are still games you’re waiting to play.

The Amnesiac


The amnesiac character is a bit of a trope in both JRPGs and anime, with the Final Fantasy series being no exception. Plenty of characters “mysteriously” have amnesia and either can’t recall who they are or what they’ve done, even though of course we all know how incredibly important they’re going to be.

The list of amnesiac characters in the series is huge even including multiple main characters; Tellah from Final Fantasy IV, Galuf from V, Terra Branford from VI, Cloud Strife from VII, Garnet and Zidane from IX, and Tidus from X. If that just wasn’t enough for you, the entire cast of Final Fantasy VIII suffers from amnesia and part of the story essentially revolves around that fact. Isn’t that convenient?

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