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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Fly Around With a Flying License


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Fly Around With a Flying License

Flying License – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Leading up to the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, one of the big features shown off right next to the fact that Conton City was several times larger than the previous game’s hub world was the fact that players would be able to fly around the social space of the game. Yet, when you first start the game, you’re quickly told by the Supreme Kai of Time that you are not allowed to fly as it will cause accidents in the sky (and we can’t have that happening). Don’t worry, though, the ban isn’t forever. What you’ll have to do is get a flying license, but you’re never actually told how to get one.

It turns out that the license is actually given to you after progressing past a certain point in the story. Once you help Super Saiyan Goku fend of Frieza, The Supreme Kai of Time will actually hand you the Flying License for your efforts. So, if you want to get to flying around Conton City as soon as possible, you’ll want to focus just on the story at first, leaving Time Patrols, Challenges, and Time Rifts alone for now.

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