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Minecraft: How to Make a Smithing Table

minecraft smithing table

Minecraft: How to Make a Smithing Table

With the release of Minecraft’s Nether update, players are desperately trying to get their hands on some Netherite. In this guide, we’ll quickly run you through how to make a Smithing Table in Minecraft and why it’s so important to have following the Nether update.

Netherite is the new, best material you can make tools, weapons and armor out of. It floats on lava and isn’t destroyed by fire, it’s also significantly more resistant than even Diamond gear. However, to be able to make Netherite gear, you’ll need a Smithing Table.

How to Make a Smithing Table

The Smithing Table requires the following amounts of items to make:

  • Iron Ingot x2
  • Any Wooden Planks x4

As long as you’ve got these items in your inventory, go over to any Crafting Table and select the Smithing Table from the available crafting recipes.

Can You Get a Smithing Table Another Way?

Yes, you can! If you find a village in your world, you can often find a Smithing Table either in one of the villager’s houses, or randomly outside.

If you spot one, either use your hand — or an axe to speed up the process — to break the block and add it to your inventory.

What Is a Smithing Table Used for in Minecraft?

A Smithing Table is primarily used by the player to upgrade Diamond gear into Netherite gear. This is done by placing the Diamond weapon, armor piece, or tool on the Smithing Table, and adding a Netherite Ingot in the second block.

This gives you a Netherite piece of gear with all the existing enchantments that it in its Diamond form.

Prior to the release of the Nether update, the Smithing Table was a toolsmith’s job site block for changing a Villager’s job. This could be used to turn any Unemployed Villager into a Toolsmith.

That’s everything you need to know on how to make a Smithing Table in Minecraft. Now, go get that Netherite gear, you!

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