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Civilization VI: How to Use Ranged Attacks With Your Cities


Civilization VI: How to Use Ranged Attacks With Your Cities

Defend yourself!

Using Ranged Attacks With Cities – Civilization VI

Back in previous Civilization titles, your cities could perform ranged attacks on any enemy units that entered your borders. However, in Civilization VI, things are a little different in that your cities start out with no defensive measures other than your own offensive units. Thankfully, all that can change once you build up some Ancient Walls for your civilization.

After you’ve expanded your borders a little bit, you should definitely consider building Ancient Walls as your first line of defense. They don’t take that many turns to complete, and once you do so, you’ll be able to at least defend yourself to some degree even if your warriors and other soldiers aren’t in your borders during times of invasion. To attack enemy units within your borders, simply click on the attack icon next to your city’s name badge, and then select the enemy unit that you want to attack. You’ll be able to attack from any distance, as long as they’re in your territory.

By doing this, your civilization will become much stronger, and it’ll be a lot more difficult for opposing forces to take over your lands.

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