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Civilization VI: How to Change Production


Civilization VI: How to Change Production

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Changing Production – Civilization VI

In Civilization VI, you can set a production project for your city, and your people will complete it within a set number of turns. However, if you misclick something or if you want to switch up your productions halfway, you can still do so with no consequences. It’s also worth noting that the turn counter on your original production does not reset, and you can resume progress when you pick it up again.

To change your production, simply click on the name of the city that you assigned it to. On the right side of the city’s name badge, you should see the production that you set for it, as well as the number of turns you have left before it’s completed. Click on that production icon, and you’ll be treated to the full production menu where you can re-select something else that you might want to build, whether it’s another building or another unit you can take control of. After that, the turn counter will be reset to whatever production you choose.

And there you have it. With this information, you’ll now be able to cancel your city productions any time in Civilization VI, and switch them to whatever you please.

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