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Journey: How Long it Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Journey: How Long it Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How many times will you go on the Journey?

Journey is a game of whimsicality and beauty, but its also very much one where you get out of it what you’re willing to put in. The actual length can widely vary depending on a lot of factors. The game itself has eight chapters, each of which take very different amounts of time to complete.

In a standard playthrough with an average amount of exploration, Journey can be completed in about two hours or so. But although it can seem like a short game, players will often find themselves engulfed in the world and fueled by a desire to explore their surroundings. If you end up being one of these players, then a single run through the game can easily end up taking anywhere from three to five hours.

There are also many collectibles to discover which can certainly eat up a lot more time for those aiming to grab everything in order to acquire every trophy or unlock the special White Robe costume. Chapter Select does provide a fantastic way to easily run around and collect everything, but be warned as beating the full serenity-inducing game once just may not be enough and you may end up wanting embark on the journey again. The scarf upgrades you can obtain can also make the game much quicker as well as your character tends to move faster while in the air.

If your just looking to run through the game as quickly as possible, Journey can be beaten in as short as an hour. Though barreling through the story without stopping to enjoy some of the majesty and charm would be an incredible shame. Like we said, you’ll get out of Journey what you’re willing to put into it and as such it may take you about an hour or you may be dazzled into taking the journey over and over and over again.

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