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H1Z1: Just Survive – What’s New?


H1Z1: Just Survive – What’s New?

Stay alive.

H1Z1 was originally an open world zombie MMO that saw players fight it out for survival not only against the hordes of zombies but their fellow players. Since the initial success of the game, the developers have taken the decision to separate the experience out into two different games- Just Survive and King of the Hill.

Just Survive is essentially your traditional H1Z1 experience. Players will have to survive in a world filled with wolves, bears, tons of zombies, and of course, thousands of other survivors. You’ll be able to craft a number of different items, scavenge for resources, and build shelters to help you survive in the world. And then blow the crap out of other players if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Just Survive, however, aims to emphasize multiplayer cooperation over a hostile player environment. You can trade with other players, scavenge in groups, and build settlements together.

King of the Hill, on the other hand, focuses on the PvP gameplay that players of the original game may still be seeking. This offers large-scale, fight to the death action in a huge area where you’re out for yourself and nobody else. You’ll gather items such as weapons and armor as fast as you can and then battle it out to the death.

Therefore, if you’re still looking for the more traditional zombie survival action of H1Z1, then Just Survive is the one you’ll be looking for. However, if you’d rather shoot it out with other players then it’s King of the Hill. Both games are still in an early access state, so please remember features can always be added and removed during this stage.

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