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Destiny Rise of Iron: First Mystery Patrol Quest Walkthrough


Destiny Rise of Iron: First Mystery Patrol Quest Walkthrough

First Mystery – Destiny: Rise of Iron

While patrolling the Plaguelands in Destiny: Rise of Iron, you have the opportunity to come across a a Patrol Quest that is completely mysterious. Many players are wondering what it concerns, but for the time being, it’s a pretty standard Patrol, only with a bit more of a challenge. The objectives of this multi-part mission aren’t always clear. Some examples that have been sighted are:

  • ?NEM? CRE?T?RES ?LA?N – Continue to kill enemies.
  • Dominate the Dance Floor – Head to the final room where you fought the Remnants and dance.
  • Head Shot challenges.

Upon completion, you’ll earn some simple rewards, but then a notification that says “curioser and curioser” will appear. As of right now, there is no knowing exactly what is curious, but it will be interesting to see, that’s for sure. Rise of Iron’s content will be slowly unfurling over the coming weeks, and we’ll keep you updated with everything new.

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