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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Increase Record Book Rank


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Increase Record Book Rank

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Record Book Rank – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion has brought with it a brand-new record book for Guardians to test themselves with. Completing all of the challenges outlined in the record book will be a long and arduous task, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

In order to get these rewards, however, you’ll need to increase the rank of it. This can be done by completing the milestones that are outlined in the book. Each page of the record book after the first is a different section. For example, The Crucible page has a bunch of milestones that are related to exactly that. Winning successive matches, finishing a match with a K/D ratio higher than 1.0 and winning 10 games of Supremacy will all see you tick off milestones in your record book.

All you have to do is complete the milestones that are listed here and once they’re complete, click the yellow circle to turn it into XP for your book and hopefully push you to the next rank.

There are 32 different milestones to complete in Rise of Iron’s book ranging from completing the story quests, to some milestone’s relating to the Wrath of the Machine raid. Nobody said it would be easy, Guardian.

For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for more guides, tips, and wikis.

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