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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Splicer Keys and Where to Use Them


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Splicer Keys and Where to Use Them

Stock up on the Keys.

Splicer Keys – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Splicer Keys are a new item introduced in Rise of Iron, the final content expansion for Destiny. These are pretty important resources because they can get you into certain areas of the Plaguelands where you can open item chests. Here’s what they’re used for:

  • Getting back into an Archon’s Forge challenge
  • Entering an area in Site 6 where you can unlock the quest for getting the Gjallarhorn
  • Unlocking areas in the Plaguelands to get access to item chests

Splicer Keys are very important, especially if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the Archon’s Forge challenge arena. If you should get booted out of the challenge by self-respawning or not getting revived by your teammates, these keys will allow you to re-enter the challenge from the observation deck. Thankfully, these Keys are pretty easy to farm in Rise of Iron.

Once you land in the Plaguelands patrol area, there will be a Brood Mother hanging around. Killing her will give you one Key. Here’s a cool trick to take note of: everyone who happens to be in that area when you kill her will receive a key too. This means that you can return to orbit after killing her and reload the Plaguelands instance to farm Keys off of the Brood Mother. This enemy type can also be found in other areas of the Plaguelands, so make sure to kill them whenever you see them to get your free Splicer Key.

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