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Destiny Rise of Iron: Beauty in Destruction Quest Walkthrough


Destiny Rise of Iron: Beauty in Destruction Quest Walkthrough

Beauty in Destruction – Destiny: Rise of Iron

One of the weapons that everyone in Destiny: Rise of Iron wants right now is the Year 3 Gjallarhorn. To get it, you’ll need to complete an Exotic Quest that you can unlock shortly after completing the Rise of Iron main questline. You will get a quest called Echoes from the Past that will ask you to do a specific Patrol in the Archon Keep. Once done, you will be sent back to Lord Saladin.

The Patrol will take you to Site 6 where you’ll have to fight a Perfected Devil Walker. Just make sure to clear out the adds first, then focus on the Walker. Since they don’t respawn, you can just focus directly on the Devil Walker, making this really easy to do solo. Once that’s done, you’ll be prompted to head back to the social area. Here is where you’ll officially begin the Beauty in Destruction quest.

The first step in the quest is to collect seven Iron Medallions, which we’ve guided for you here. Once you have all seven, head back to the social area for the next part. Tyra will give you a mission called A Symbol of Honor for you to complete on earth. Do that, then head back to Tyra once more (you’re almost done).

You will have to go on one more fetch quest, and that’s to collect five Dormant SIVA fragments. They glow red, but are very hard to find. When you finally do have five, though, head back to receive the final mission, Beauty in Delivery. When that is complete you simply need to head back to Lord Saladin and finish the questline.

Safe travels, Guardian. For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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