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Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Iron Medallion Locations Guide


Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Iron Medallion Locations Guide

Iron Medallions – Destiny Rise of Iron

If you happen to complete Echoes of the Past, you will be granted an Exotic quest called Beauty in Destruction that will lead you to a year three Gjallarhorn. The first step, though, is to collect seven medallions and give them to Tyra. They can be slightly tricky to find so we listed where you can locate them down below. Most are in recognizable areas from the story, so you should have no trouble.

Felwinter Peak – Start to Scale the mountain and it will be by the second wolf you pass. the medallion will be on the floor.

Lord’s Watch – As soon as you spawn into patrol in the Plaguelands, you’ll find the Medallion in the building directly to your left. It will be sitting on a shelf.

Giant’s Husk – This one is found where you had to free the Hive from containers. Climb to the top and to the right where that mission took place and you’ll find it on the floor in front of the second red container. It should pop up on your screen with an item marker.

The Archon’s Keep – Head into the building that you saw explode during the story missions in this area. It’s a round building. To the left of the entrance, near some rubble, is the iron medallion you’re looking for.

Forgotten Pass – One of the easier ones to find. Cross the bridge that you see when you enter the area and the iron medallion will be at the end near a machine sitting right on the floor.

Bunker Triglav – When you hit this area, look for the large, round building with a bunch of Fallen fighting inside. It will be to your right if you’re entering the area from the Forgotten Pass.  You’ll find it in a room on the left side once you walk in.

Site 6 – Site 6 can be a bit tricky to get to, just head to Archon’s Keep then head into that little building you used as a marker for the medallion over there. Go into the building and head all the way to the back, drop down into the Warrens and make an immediate left to find the route to Site 6. Once inside, head to the back and to the left to find what you’re looking for.

That’s all seven. Now continue on your journey, Guardian. For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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