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World of Warcraft Legion Preview Sheds More Light on the New Leveling System

World of Warcraft Legion New Progression System Preview

World of Warcraft Legion Preview Sheds More Light on the New Leveling System

Blizzard is preparing to add a brand new dynamic progression system in World of Warcraft Legion.

Leveling in World of Warcraft has been pretty linear ever since Cataclysm was released, with the player normally having to quest in a specific region before moving on to the next one. Things haven’t changed much with Mists of Pandaria and they arguably got even worse in Warlords of Draenor. Blizzard is finally ready to implement some much-needed changes in the latest expansion, however, as Legion is set to introduce a new type of progression system that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in World of Warcraft.

Legion’s new continent, dubbed The Broken Isles, will feature six brand new areas for players to explore, four of which are to be used almost exclusively for leveling characters from 100 to 110. Unlike in previous World of Warcraft expansions, these regions will not have any sort of recommended levels attached to them and instead, players can choose to venture anywhere on the map and expect the areas to scale to their level.

The new dynamic leveling system introduced by Legion means that players are no longer confined to a certain zone and have the freedom to move around as they please across The Broken Isles. Not only is this a welcome departure from the tedious quest grind of previous expansions, but it also gives Legion a lot of replay value and makes the upcoming expansion a lot more alt friendlier than its predecessors.

The four leveling zones in question are called Aszuna, Highmountain, Stormheim, and Val’sharah, each of them offering unique quests to complete, creatures to slay, factions to befriend, and landscapes to explore. Having said all that, the adventure technically begins at the Class Order Hall, where players need to choose one of the aforementioned zones from the mission table before going on their merry way. Class Order Halls are a new feature introduced in World of Warcraft Legion and act as a class hub where players from across both factions can upgrade their artifact weapons, send their champions on missions, or simply chat with fellow players around the bonfire.

World of Warcraft Legion is currently in beta and will launch on August 30 for PC.

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