How to Fix World of Warcraft Error Code BLZ51934200

There might be trouble getting into Azeroth.

How to Fix World of Warcraft Error Code BLZ51934200
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Error codes are just a fact of life when it comes to playing online games. While this is annoying, it’s not always the worst situation.

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The first step to figuring out any error code is seeing if it is server side or client side, which would make it on you to solve. If you’re getting BLZ51934200 in World of Warcraft, here’s what to do.

World of Warcraft BLZ51934200 Error Code Fix

The accompanying information when this error code pops up says, “No servers are currently available.” This is a big sign that getting this error is an issue on Blizzard’s side, and there’s unfortunately nothing you can do. As this is all server-related, you can only wait as Blizzard works on whatever is causing the issue. This is strictly a modern World of Warcraft issue, and Classic should be unaffected.

The most recent emergence of this error has been caused by scheduled maintenance on Dec. 5 that affected both normal WoW and Classic, but it shouldn’t last for all that long. Fortunately, as it was the devs that took the game down for routine work, it shouldn’t be down all that long. There’s nothing that players can really do in this situation other than wait out. Should anything more come of this, we will be sure to update the guide and keep you in the loop, though we don’t anticipate that.

If you are seeing this error at any other time and we haven’t updated the guide yet about it, the first place to check is always the Blizzard Customer Service Twitter account. They are typically good at letting players know when an error has occurred and they have started working on the problem.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand the cause of World of Warcraft error code BLZ51934200, and any issues will soon be corrected.

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