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No Man’s Sky: What to Do in Factories


No Man’s Sky: What to Do in Factories

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Factories – No Man’s Sky

To access factories in No Man’s Sky, first you have to get through their reinforced steel doors. Note that your Minelaser won’t be able to break it down, so it’s best to rely on your Boltcaster or Plasma Launcher to deal damage to the door. As you start to break it down, the Sentinels on the planet will be alerted to your actions and start to home in on you. You can either engage them in combat, or ignore them and focus on getting the door open.

Once you’ve opened the door and have entered the factory, the Sentinels will stop firing at you. Inside the factory, there will be a single terminal with a question or puzzle for you to solve. These appear to be random, and the puzzles could be as simple as requiring you to figure out a pattern and give an accurate answer as to what the next step in the pattern would be. You could also be presented with a multiple-choice question where you have to assess a scenario, and choose the answer that you think would best fit the given scenario.

If you can answer the questions/puzzles correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a new blueprint. If you happen to get it wrong, the Sentinels will still leave you alone, but you’ll come away empty-handed.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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