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No Man’s Sky: How to Switch Multi-Tool Weapon Modes


No Man’s Sky: How to Switch Multi-Tool Weapon Modes

Maximum aggression: engage!

In No Man’s Sky, all players start off with a pretty basic Multi-tool that can mine resources. However, once you gather enough resources, you’ll soon be able to add some upgrades to it, like the Boltcaster and the Plasma Launcher, which is basically grenade launcher that lets you go crazy on the poor unsuspecting planets you visit.

Once you’ve added these upgrades to your Multi-tool, just hitting R2 won’t let you use the spiffy new weapon upgrades you’ve added to it. You’ll have to hit the triangle button to switch your weapon mode, and that will allow you to get a little bit more aggressive with your Multi-tool. The amount of ammunition will be indicated in the top right corner as well. It’s also worth noting that your weapons need to be charged too, so be sure to set aside some Isotopes for that.

I recommend keeping your weapons fully charged at all times – you never know when you might have to piss off the Sentinels and engage in combat with them. When you want to put your weapon away and go back to mining resources, simply tap the triangle button again to use your mining laser. Now, back to mining Gold and scamming nearby space stations for ridiculous sums of money…

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