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No Man’s Sky: How to Stay Warm on Freezing Planets


No Man’s Sky: How to Stay Warm on Freezing Planets

Better wrap up warm.

How to Stay Warm on Freezing Planets – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky’s vast universe includes some planets which will put players’ survival skills to the test. Fierce creatures and tough terrain are one thing, but the harsh weather conditions of some planets can be just as deadly. Here’s how to stay warm and avoid freezing in No Man’s Sky.

As soon as you set foot on a cold planet, your thermal protection will begin to deplete. This is represented by a bar on your HUD, so you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on this to avoid being caught out. Once this has depleted, your shields will begin to drain, followed by your health.

Half of the battle against the harsh cold conditions of planets is to make sure you don’t catch it too late. Finding yourself stranded with no help around you can happen easily enough when you’re immersed in the experience. Once you see your thermal protection start to deplete, you’ll want to go in search of shelter. Some caves act as shelter from the cold conditions and will allow you to regenerate your thermal protection. There are also some large power sources that, while rare, will also regenerate your thermal protection. Sitting in your Starship for a few seconds will also do the same thing.

Also, while exploring planets of extreme temperatures, avoid jumping into water. The water is far colder than the air around it and so will deplete all of your gauges much much faster than just walking around. You’ll also find that some planets get colder as the day goes on, so when it’s beginning to get dark, you’ll want to make sure you’re heading back to your Starship or making sure it’s close by to ensure the increased depletion of your thermal protection doesn’t catch you out.

Finally, there is a means of upgrading your life support and exosuit, which provides longer lasting protection from everything. Therefore, if you’re planning on adventuring onto these planets frequently, you may want to invest in these upgrades. If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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