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No Man’s Sky: How to Get to the Center of the Universe


No Man’s Sky: How to Get to the Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe – No Man’s Sky

As you may already know, one of your main goals in No Man’s Sky is to reach the center of the game’s universe. While that sounds like a simple thing on paper, it actually means flying thousands of light years (thats quadrillions of miles). Thankfully, you won’t have to do this in some rudimentary fashion with a graph chart and a lot of course plotting. No Man’s Sky has systems in place to help make your adventure somewhat easy, because you still have to deal with whatever threats the game throws your way.

Before you can even think of crossing the universe, you’ll need to repair your ship. This is actually your first mission in the game, and it will serve as your tutorial of sorts; teaching how to gather resources, craft, and repair. Once that’s done you’re off to the stars, but still not quite ready. Your next mission will be to acquire the blueprint for and then craft a Hyperdrive, that’s when you’re able to start making your way to that ever-elusive center.

What the Hyperdrive allows you to do is warp to different star systems, allowing you to quickly (we use that term sort of loosely) cross entire galaxies to expedite your quest.

The way the Hyperdrive works is that it opens up a new tab on your Galactic Map (which can only be accessed while you’re in your Starship flying through space). This tab plots the fastest available course to the center of No Man’s Sky universe using hundreds of different warp jumps. Access the course tab using either L1 or R1 (depending on which tab you start on) then use the Right Stick to navigate to the next point. As long as you have a charged Hyperdrive, you’ll be able to make the jump.

When you first start you can only move by one point at a time, depleting your complete charge with each jump towards the center. As you progress, though, you’ll unlock upgrades for your Hyperdrive that make life a bit easier, granting the ability to jump multiple points at once and drastically speeding up your trip.

Keep in mind that these jumps aren’t unlimited. Again, you need a fully charged Hyperdrive, which requires a Warp Core. These are rare and take a lot of resources to craft, so make sure to be on the lookout for everything you need.

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