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No Man’s Sky: How to Get a Better Jetpack


No Man’s Sky: How to Get a Better Jetpack

How to Get a Better Jetpack – No Man’s Sky

The jetpack is your best friend in No Man’s Sky. With so many worlds at your fingertips, you’re going to find your fair share of planets with some rather rough and rugged terrain. When trying to get around on these planets, your jetpack is incredibly convenient for jetting up steep edges, and cushioning your landing when jumping from a great height.

While the basic pack is pretty handy, in order to get upgrades to allow you to use it for longer, you’ll need to get a better one. Though you can’t find a better jetpack out in the vast expanses of the universe, you can craft upgrades for it. These will permanently take up a slot in your inventory, so this will be a trade-off of storage space for the privilege of increased maneuverability.

You’ll have to find the blueprint out in the sprawling stretches of space before you can get the upgrade, and you’ll also need the necessary crafting components. If you’re looking to improve other elements of your Exosuit, you’ll find these at upgrade stations which can be unlocked when you’ve got yourself an Atlas Pass. These can be found at crash sites, inside space stations, and some planet bases.

That’s all there is to getting a better jetpack for your space adventures. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our No Man’s Sky wiki.

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