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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Exosuit Upgrades


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Exosuit Upgrades

Exosuit Upgrades – No Man’s Sky

One of the only things keeping you from being some dead body floating in the endless vacuum of No Man’s Sky space is your Exosuit. This is what houses your Life Support, Jetpack, Stamina upgrades, and Hazard Protection. The Exosuit can have technology installed just like your Starship and your Multi-tool. However, since it is your means for carrying resources while you’re out exploring on foot, you’ll find yourself in need of space often, especially if you want to utilize some of the more useful technologies (such as the Membrane upgrade which allows you to breathe underwater).

Thankfully, Exosuit upgrades are easier to come by than brand new Starships. They are sold in these large tubes that you will usually find in one of three places:

  • Crashed pods that you can randomly find on some planets.
  • Inside Space Stations behind locked doors.
  • Inside some planet bases, behind locked doors.

The tube you’re looking for looks like this:

no man's sky, exosuit

Once you find one of these, you can access the upgrade inside. It’s the same price everywhere, so try to always keep some Iron on hand. Once unlocked you have the option to purchase the upgrades starting at 10,000 Units. As You acquire more upgrades the price steadily rises so make sure to keep some money on the side. If you’re running short, go make some discoveries and sell some resources on the open market.

The Exosuit upgrades always add one inventory slot, so grab them every time you have the chance. As you advance in No Man’s Sky, you’re definitely going to need more than one resource as well as more than one piece of tech on your suit. Every slot counts.

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