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No Man’s Sky: How to Craft Mods and Products


No Man’s Sky: How to Craft Mods and Products

No Man’s Sky is a massive world for you to explore. You’ll find all sorts of minerals to mine up, so naturally, the game has a robust crafting system. But how do you go about making everything?

Well, crafting in No Man’s Sky is simple! First, you’re going to want to make sure you find the recipes you’ll want to craft from. (Check out our guide on recipes over here!) Each recipe will lead you to find some resources in order to make it a reality. So make sure you have those resources, and then you can get to crafting.

Push the touch pad and bring up the Exosuit or Starship inventory (in order to upgrade the starship, you’ll need to stand close to it). Select an empty slot on either your Exosuit or Starship tabs and you’ll be able to select which mod you want to make (by selecting X) or which product you want to craft (by selecting square). So long as you don’t lack any materials needed, you’ll be able to craft anything this way.

Players will also be able to craft using slots on their Multi-tool. The difference here is that there is only an option to craft new technology and upgrades. Products are restricted solely to the Exosuit and Starship, which is most likely due to them being capable of carrying cargo. Still, the same steps that you will use for both of those tabs apply here, as well.

There you have it, get to crafting all the things! If you need more No Man’s Sky help, check out our in-depth wiki full of guides and tips!

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