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Korvax – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

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Korvax – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

Korvax – No Man’s Sky Alien Races

No Man’s Sky’s Korvax is a distinctly scientific race, standing out significantly from the more organic and hotheaded species in the universe. They wear suits that give them a mostly mechanical appearance, with their helmets displaying communicative lights. Green lights mean the Korvax is content, and a red light means you’re not doing so well at making friends.

This race is concerned with knowledge and science, with little aggression and much tradition in their interactions. They can be found in most systems and will be fairly easy to befriend. Korvax monoliths will offer you a rite of passage, and passing will grant you favor. You can also raise standing with this alien race by protecting members found in danger and using context clues to choose the right options during conversations.

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