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Fallout 4 Nuka-World: How to Find All 10 Hidden Cappys


Fallout 4 Nuka-World: How to Find All 10 Hidden Cappys

All 10 Hidden Cappys – Fallout 4 Nuka-World

Cappy in a Haystack is a quest you can obtain shortly after completing the Gauntlet. The objective of the quest is to find 10 Hidden Cappys (Cappy is the mascot for Nuka-World). The only way to see these hidden pictures, however, is to wear a special pair of Cappy Glasses that the NPC Sierra Petrovita will give you. She’s the self-proclaimed, world’s biggest fan of Nuka-Cola and needs your help to locate each image. Why? It is rumored that each image contains a piece of the code necessary to access the office of John-Caleb Bradberton, the inventor of Nuka-Cola. In that office is said to be the original recipe of Nuka-Cola.

Each of the 10 pieces of code you’re searching for are spread out over the entire park. You’ll have to fight through some opposition to obtain some of them, so make sure to bring some good weapons and a lot of healing items.

Nuka-Town, USA (1 Hidden Cappy)

Nuka-Town, USA is the first area of Nuka-World that you’ll find yourself in after completing the Gauntlet. It’s the base of your gang, and therefore the safest area you’ll encounter when first starting the expansion. Head toward the Fizztop Grille which is right next to your new home. While walking towards it, you’ll come across a large lake. It’s at this point that you’ll want to head left until you come across some grey and orange buildings. The image you’re looking for is located behind them.

Dry Rock Gulch (2 Hidden Cappys)

The first Hidden Cappy is located inside of Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster. Head inside and look around until you come across a short building in a clearing. Check the outer walls for the Cappy.

The second one is found in Dry Rock Gulch’s cemetery. To locate this place, head to the southwest of the area (that’s down and to the left on your map), until you find the theater. To the west of that is the cemetery. Now look at the back of each gravestone until you find the Hidden Cappy.

Kiddie Kingdom (2 Hidden Cappys)

The first image you’re looking for is located at the top of the tall tower which is in front of the castle in this area. You can see the castle from a good distance so just make your way towards it and look for the tower. When you find it, enter and climb to the top. The Cappy will be on one of the walls at the top of the stairs.

The second one is located in the Fun House. You’ll have to find the rotating room which is full of doors. All you need to do is open all of the red doors until you locate the Cappy.

World of Refreshment (1 Hidden Cappy)

You’ll want to locate the Nuka-Wile area in the World of Refreshment. This located inside of the Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant. The area you’re looking for has a sort of western theme, with cacti, dry grass, and rundown wooden buildings. The Hidden Cappy is located on the side of one of the buildings in the west of this area.

Galactic Zone (2 Hidden Cappys)

There are two Cappys here for you to find and both are relatively easy to locate. The first one will be near the Starport, located in the center of Nuka-World’s Galactic Zone. Head behind this building and to the left, and you’ll see a Hidden Cappy outside of the gate to the employee-only area.

The second image is located outside of the Spacewalk. Turn around from where you found the first Cappy and head up the stairs you passed. At the top, take a right, then ignore the first right you encounter. Keep going straight and head down the escalator, then make a right. Go straight, and then make a left before entering the building ahead. You’ll find this Cappy next to two red trash cans.

Safari Zone (2 Hidden Cappys)

There are two more Hidden Cappys in the Safari Zone (which will complete your collection of 10). The first one is located in the lower right hand side of the hedge maze in Cappy’s Treehouse. When you find the Cappy’s Treehouse entrance follow these directions:

  • Straight
  • Right
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right

That final right should lead you to a dead end where you’ll find the last Cappy.

The second Hidden Cappy is located in front of the Primate House. When facing the entrance, you should see a gorilla statue to your right, the Cappy is behind that statue.

Now that you have them all, you can head back Sierra so you can see what this was all about.

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