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Fallout 4 Nuka-World Guide: How to Get Through the Gauntlet


Fallout 4 Nuka-World Guide: How to Get Through the Gauntlet

It’s a tough challenge.

Fallout 4 Nuka-World – The Gauntlet

Fallout 4’s Nuka-World has finally arrived and players will be making their way to the jolly park. However, something stands in their way before they get to explore all the attractions – the Gauntlet. Set up by the Raiders of Fallout 4’s world, this is a lengthy series of defenses that try to kill you and stop you from reaching Nuka-World. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back.

The first part of the Gauntlet is the machine gun room. As soon as you enter, run straight over to the left and stand behind the tallest bit of wall. When you’re here, take the laser turret to your left out first. Next, slowly but surely pop your head out and pick off the other turrets one at a time. Keep an eye on your health and use Stimpacks when necessary. Once you’re through here, you’ll want to head over to the left-hand side of this next area, but watch out for the tripwire. Disarm this and pick the master lock (if you can). If you can’t, keep an eye out for tripwires as these will lead to some rather large explosions.

Head up the stairs and keep an eye out for the Tesla trap and Frag Grenade Bouquet waiting to catch players off guard. They’re both on the ceiling, so simply click your right stick down to crouch and then aim at them to disarm. Follow the path around until you reach a doorway with some explosive barrels in front of you. You should notice a tripwire right in the doorway. Disarm this to get through here without a scratch.

Now you’re faced with three doors. You’ll want to open the one on the left to get through. Next, you’ll head down a set of stairs with some serious radiation at the bottom. Simply run straight ahead and take a right until you see a door. Unlock the Expert door to be through to the last stage of the Gauntlet. Head down the slope and enter the blue door into the Nuka-World Access Tunnels.

Before you follow the path down into the main room, hack the Novice terminal to your left. Don’t activate or deactivate the turrets just yet, though. Simply head down into the room, let the monkey spot you, and then run back upstairs before the turrets get a shot in. Now deactivate the turrets from the terminal and make your way over to the door. Pick the Expert lock and head on through.

In this room, you’ll be greeted with some of Fallout 4’s Rad-Rats. Take care of these nice and quickly before making your way through. Watch out for the mine in the passageway just after the Rad-Rat enclosure. Head up the ramp and then turn back on yourself. Follow this path to the next doorway and take out the turret waiting for you.

This access tunnel is filled with mines, so be very cautious of every step you take and defuse any you come across. One triggered mine here could set the whole place alight thanks to the huge explosive cargo containers here. Make your way past the Protectron and into the next part of the tunnel. Again, mines are hiding behind corners and underneath the truck, so be sure to crouch and move slowly.

This next area requires you to quickly make your way across the beam before it breaks. Wait too long, and you’ll fall into Mirelurk-infested waters. If this does happen, quickly make your way to the opening on the left-hand side and head up. Now make your way through the door and sprint up this corridor to avoid the grenade traps. Do this until you reach the top and face a corridor literally filled with grenades and explosives. Here, you’ll want to throw a grenade into all of this yourself and run away. Let everything detonate and then you’re free to walk on through once the flames have subsided.

You’re straight out of one trap and into another. The doors will lock in this next room and the gas will be turned on. Shooting in here will cause huge explosions that can do serious damage to your health, though sometimes you can get away without a scratch… somehow. Anyway, first, make your way to the desk in the room to your right and pick up the password. Now come back the way you came and across the main path, you should find a security gate. Pick the lock and you’ll find the terminal to unlock the doors. Once you’ve done this, make your way out through the door into the Maintenance Shed. You’re almost at the end.

Now that you’re out in the fresh air, you’re almost at Nuka-World. Take care of the flying ant swarms and make your way through the shed, following the arrows around. Raiders will now shoot down on you from above, meaning you’ll have to not only watch out for the grenade field ahead, but deal with these guys, too. The best way to deal with this is run through as much of it as you can. Take your time to check each room, and deal with the turret, but other than that make it for the next door.

The rest of this is somewhat simple enough. Despite your final hurdle being a guy in incredibly powerful power armor, you’re given a special weapon to make him vulnerable to your attacks. Simply use this and your most powerful firearms to dispose of the Overboss. Congratulations, you’ve completed Fallout 4’s Nuka-World Gauntlet.

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