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Dead by Daylight: How to Get Perks


Dead by Daylight: How to Get Perks

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In Dead by Daylight, you’ll have to use your wits to emerge victorious either as the savage Killer, or one of the four Survivors. Though you’ll have to be tactical in the way you play, there are Perks which can give you an edge against your opponent/s. Here’s how to get Perks.

Whether you want to unlock Perks for the Killer or a Survivor, you’ll need to check out their Bloodweb. Bloodwebs are essentially skill trees but with a little twist. The Entity, the evil spirit that has consumed the Killer, also resides in the Bloodweb and will consume random nodes, preventing you from unlocking that skill. Due to this, you’ll need to think tactically about which Skill or Perk you want the most and prioritize unlocking this over others.

Each character’s Bloodweb starts you off in its center and you’ll work your way out with Skills and Perks closest to the edge costing the most. Purchasing Perks is done so by spending Bloodpoints, the currency you earn from your performances in games. Once you’ve completely filled in a Bloodweb (or as much as you can if the Entity has had its way with it), that character will level up and another Bloodweb will be generated. It’s worth noting though that Bloodwebs are procedurally-generated, so the Skills and Perks up for grabs are entirely random. Although, the higher your character the level, the better chance you have of rarer and more powerful Perks spawning.

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