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Attack on Titan: What Are Gestures and How to Use Them


Attack on Titan: What Are Gestures and How to Use Them

Gestures – Attack on Titan

Gestures in Attack on Titan are just that, gestures. They are poses or actions you can do for seemingly no reason at all, depending on where you are. They are triggered by pressing the Options/Menu button. Most characters will just do a Scout Regiment (you may know it as the Survey Corps) salute when you use the action in base.

The action changes, however, when you press Options/Menu out on a mission. Instead of a salute or something else along those lines, you’ll taunt nearby Titans, goading them into attacking you over anyone else in the area. It’s a very useful way of leading titans into traps or away from tight corners, to create much easier encounters for you and your fellow soldiers. Additionally, you could potentially save some of your comrades’ lives if you use your taunt effectively out on the battlefield.

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