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5 Reasons You Should Go Play No Man’s Sky Right Now


5 Reasons You Should Go Play No Man’s Sky Right Now

A trip through the stars.

It’s a Truly Open Universe

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the very few games out there that can call itself an open world game. Before Hello Games got this title on the market, there were plenty of games that called themselves an open world experience, but for the most part, there was still a structure you had to follow to get your character to progress.

In most of the so-called “open world” games, there is also a strict set of things a player can do and a border limiting where they can go. In No Man’s Sky, there is no real limit. If a player doesn’t feel like it, they never have to leave the first planet they’re on. They can also hop from one planet to another, just seeing how many places they can visit in whatever amount of time they’ve allowed themselves to play.

For the most part, everything a player needs to keep their ship, their suit and their multi-tool working and ready for action can be found wherever they are. If it can’t be mined, it can be purchased. All someone has to do is look hard enough. Certainly, there are certain places a player needs to go if they want specific upgrades but that isn’t necessary and it’s ultimately up to what the player wants to do.

If upgrading is your thing, the good news is, it’s not all that hard…

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