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World of Final Fantasy Gets a New Trailer Showing Off the Cute Mirages


World of Final Fantasy Gets a New Trailer Showing Off the Cute Mirages

Still cute.

In the upcoming JRPG World of Final Fantasy, the two main protagonists will be able to summon creatures called Mirages. These are basically iconic creatures and summons we’ve seen in previous Final Fantasy games, like Ifrit and Ramuh. This new Japanese trailer, which you can check out below, gives us a glimpse of a few of those summons, along with the cuter-looking ones like the Tonberry and Cactuar.

World of Final Fantasy will follow the story of a young boy and girl as they wake up in a mysterious land, and have to work with the iconic series characters to get their memories back and find their way back home. The game features our favorite characters in chibi forms, and is meant to welcome a new generation of gamers to the Final Fantasy series. So far, we’ve been seeing a lot of Cloud, Yuna, Lightning, and Squall. Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII has also been confirmed for the game, and all of these characters look cute as hell.

World of Final Fantasy series will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America.

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