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We Happy Few: Why People Are Attacking You


We Happy Few: Why People Are Attacking You

Why People Attack You in We Happy Few

One thing that We Happy Few has in as much abundance as creepy smiling people is aggressive people. You’ll often find yourself under attack for seemingly no reason at all, but trust us, there is always a reason. As you can tell by taking the time to look around for a second, the NPCs in We Happy Few have seen some shit, so it doesn’t take too much to push these people into becoming hostile.

To help you out, we’re going to list some of the most likely reasons that you have some deranged lunatic trying to bash your skull in with a tree branch.

  • You Stole Something – When you go to pick up an item it will either say “pick up” or “steal.” Stealing is bad, and if someone sees you, then you’re going to have a fight on your hands. One reason you may not have noticed you stole is because when looting a container, it never says steal. Here’s a rule of thumb to follow: if there’s an item you can steal on top of the container or you’re inside someone’s home, taking an item from within the container counts as stealing.
  • Your Clothing – Clothing is more than just armor in We Happy Few. While some items are there strictly to mitigate damage, others affect how you’re perceived in different areas of the game’s world. Proper clothing can make downers nervous and sometimes even aggressive, the same can be said about torn clothing in nice areas. Be mindful of your surroundings and you’ll manage to stay alive. That said, once you reach Maidenholm, you’ll need proper clothing to blend in, and your torn suit will make people nervous.
  • You’re Trespassing – Most of the time, you can walk into any house and be fine. Sometimes, someone will say something but if you talk to them, they’ll usually leave you alone. If you see traps on every door, though, or a door was locked, the person inside won’t be so forgiving. If you’re lucky, they’ll yell for you to leave, doing so removes all risk. If you decide to stick around for a second too long, though, then a fight will certainly break out.
  • You Committed a Crime – We Happy Few is filled with snitches, we don’t know how else to put it. If you do anything that causes a red eye to pop up on the top of your screen, it means it’s illegal and problems will arise if you’re caught by anyone. If you have to do a crime, make sure nobody is around. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself picking a lock only to get knocked upside the head.
  • You Hit Them First – Seriously, don’t hit anyone and expect not to get hit back. That’s just not cool.
  • They’re the Law – A Bobby (We Happy Few speak for cop) will not assault you randomly. But they are a bit more slap-happy then regular folk. If you’re acting suspicious (running around, jumping on things, not being a happy person), they will bring down the hammer upon your skull and you won’t like it. They’re stronger than anyone else, so play it cool.

As a general rule of thumb, once you reach Maidenholm, the rules get a lot more strict in We Happy Few. Sprinting, crouching, or trespassing in plain sight will make people wary of you. There are also Joy detectors that will get triggered if you’re off your Joy, and this will cause the cops to come after you. Make sure to behave in Maidenholm, and take Joy when you need to.

These are the most probable reasons why you’re lying in the dirt now. So keep in mind that you need to be aware of every action you make. If you’re not, an NPC will be and they’ll beat you senseless. As long as you keep it cool and step up your stealth, you should be okay.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on We Happy Few.

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