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We Happy Few: How to Put Your Weapon Away or Take it Out


We Happy Few: How to Put Your Weapon Away or Take it Out

How to Put Your Weapon Away or Take it Out in We Happy Few

You’ll need to blend in if you want to survive We Happy Few. The Joyed-up citizens don’t appreciate Downers, or people brandishing weapons. Sure, there are times where you’ll need to brandish your weapon and deal out some pain if you’re ever going to make it out of We Happy Few’s Wellington Wells alive, but for the most part, you want to keep your weapon concealed. Police and normal people will see you as a threat if you’re openly carrying, so here’s how to put that weapon away and take it out once you’re in the clear.

First, to equip a weapon in We Happy Few, go to your inventory and highlight the desired item. Press Y on the Xbox One controller to equip it to your weapons slot. Tapping Right Bumper will pull the selected tool of destruction out. Holding your weapon out in the open will draw a lot of attention to yourself, so only do take it out if you’re unnoticed or if you’re really looking for a fight.

In order to put it back away in We Happy Few to avoid raising a bunch of suspicion, you simply need to tap the RB button on your Xbox One controller again. If you absolutely need to take someone down, be sure to lure them to a quiet area before pulling your weapon out again. If you’re playing on PC, you can put your weapon away by pressing the Q key, and tap it again to take it out.

That’s all you need to know to put your weapons away or take them out in We Happy Few. For more We Happy Few help, check out 10 Essential Beginner Tips, some of our most requested guides below, or our wiki here.

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