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We Happy Few: How to Heal


We Happy Few: How to Heal

How to Heal in We Happy Few

There are many different ways to take damage in We Happy Few. You can get attacked by some deranged citizen, beaten by a cop, run into a trap, fall from a high place, forget to eat, forget to drink, contract a disease, the list goes on. Thankfully, you’re able to heal all damage you sustain, provided that you have the proper resources for each ailment.

Healing is as simple as highlighting the proper item in your inventory and pressing ‘X’ on your Xbox controller to use that item. The item is consumed immediately and you will receive instant relief so you can get back to your shenanigans. But, as we said before, not all cures are created equal. You need to have the right item to heal your troubles, so we’ve put together a simple list to help get you through the twisted nightmare of We Happy Few.

  • Replenish Health – First Aid Kits and Healing Balm. Sleeping also replenishes health at the cost of moving time forward and inducing hunger along with thirst in We Happy Few. At the start of the game, make sure to grab as much Rose of Gilead as possible to craft Healing Balms.
  • Stop Bleeding – First Aid Kits and bandages. There are three types of bandages (Dirty, Clean, and Antibacterial). Dirty can cause infection, clean stops bleeding, Antibacterial stops bleeding and cures infection.
  • Food Poisoning – Sick Up Tea. You will still need to replenish health afterwards if you left food poisoning active for too long. Sleeping can also heal food poisoning but that should be a last resort.
  • Depression – Joy, but at what cost?

As long as you have at least one of the items beside each ailment you’ll be fine and free to continue running around Wellington Wells.

That’s all you need to know to heal in We Happy Few. If you need any other help surviving the harsh world of We Happy Few, feel free to check out some of our most requested guides below, or head over to our wiki.

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