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We Happy Few: How to Dig and Where to Get a Shovel


We Happy Few: How to Dig and Where to Get a Shovel

How to Dig and Where to Get a Shovel in We Happy Few

You may notice as you explore the world of We Happy Few that sometimes a dig site will pop up on your map. These are marked by a shovel in a circle. Buried in these spots are random items. They can make all the difference in the world for you, providing a tool to give you an edge in your quest for survival, or they can have just a couple of Metal Bits. Either way, you should dig these spots up because you should always take items when We Happy few offers them to you.

Before you can get to work, you need to find yourself a shovel. Some quest givers hand you a shovel as part of their reward, other times you’ll just have to find one out there in the world. Once you have one, head over to the dig spot on your map. When you get to the location, you’re going to want to search for see-through floating shovels. They’ll be dancing around in a circle, marking the exact spot you need to dig. Keep in mind that We Happy Few is in early access, though, so the icons can sometimes be a bit glitchy. Leaving and coming back sometimes makes it finally work, but not always.

If you do see the floating shovels, simply walk up and follow the prompt to dig. Once you’re done you can collect your loot and be on your merry way to the next creepy event going on in We Happy Few.

Now that you know how to put that shovel to work, you can get back to what really matters: surviving. If you need some more help with that, check out some of our most requested guides below, or dive into our wiki.

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