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We Happy Few: How to Attack with a Stealth Takedown


We Happy Few: How to Attack with a Stealth Takedown

One mechanic that will help you out a lot in the dark, twisted world of We Happy Few is the stealth takedown. This allows you to silently knockout an enemy, freeing up the surrounding area to your searching and looting. Thankfully, pulling off a takedown is one of the easiest things in the game, though not getting caught is a different story.

Takedowns can be triggered by the player while both standing and crouching. All they require is that you are behind an enemy who isn’t threatened, nothing more. You can walk right up to an NPC, go behind them, and instantly take them out. If for some reason they seem a bit cautious when you’re walking up to them, simply talk to them. We Happy Few is full of weird one-liners that your character can spout and they often disarm curious individuals.

One thing you should note, though, is that just because the takedown prompt pops up, it doesn’t mean you’re fully concealed. The prompt (which tells you to hold Y) only pays attention to your target’s awareness, not anyone else’s. With this in mind, you should look around before going in for the attack.

If you want to be extra sure, you can pull a lone enemy towards you by causing suspicion with rocks, darts, bottles, and other things. Just don’t let them see you throw it as that will count as you attacking.

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