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Starbound: Where to Get Oil and What You Need to Collect It


Starbound: Where to Get Oil and What You Need to Collect It

Oil is a vital resource in the vast world of Starbound, one essential for upgrading and maintaining your survival lifestyle. It’s used to craft various equipment like Lanterns and Molotovs, and it acts as a crucial component of steel production when combined with iron.

Finding oil isn’t always easy, but the first thing you should know is that it appears as a dark, black pool of liquid. If you walk through it, it should slow both your movement and attack speed. The most common place to search for this valuable resource is right under your nose. Yep, if you want oil, you’re going to have to dig underground.

Your search should primarily focus on desert planets. It is on these planets where oil will most often be found. You’ll need to use a Matter Manipulator upgraded with liquid collection capabilities to harvest it. If you need any help with that, you can read up on how to upgrade this nifty tool in our guide over here.

Oil can rarely be found on the surface of some extreme planet biomes, but you should stick to digging if you’re intent on collecting ample amounts.

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