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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Gyarados


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Gyarados

One Magikarp down, only ninety-nine more to go!

Gyarados is probably one of the most intimidating and famous Pokemon of all time. He’s a powerful water/flying type that is incredibly difficult to both evolve into and capture. It also doesn’t help he feels the need to mock you every time you open Pokemon GO and stare down your trainer in a horrific manner. For those unaware, unlike typical Pokemon evolution it actually takes 400 Magikarp candies to actually evolve the flopping fish into the mighty sea serpent. This makes locating a Gyarados far more appealing, though it’s sadly not that simple.

Finding a Gyarados is a difficult endeavor, as they are by far one of the rarest Pokemon to come across naturally in the wild.  Though it can be done however, one of our trainers down in Orlando, Flordia actually captured a wild Gyarados with a CP level of 115. The method employed here was a fairly common one, as it involved a location that is surrounded by lure activated PokeStops. Since these have a higher chance to draw in rare Pokemon, coupled with the beach location forced Gyarados to appear. We also recommend sticking near large bodies of water and using Incenses if there are no PokeStops near you.

However, don’t expect this to be an easy fight as he will easily break out of Pokeballs if they’re not timed right. Make sure to apply Razzberries before each throw to help your chances at snagging this terrifying Pokemon. If you’re looking to go a longer, but less stressful route the world is absolutely littered with Magikarps. You will need to catch a minimum of 400 Magikarps to get a Gyarados, so you better start collecting!

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