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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Flying Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Flying Type Pokemon

Flying type Pokemon are highly coveted in Pokemon GO. On one hand they’re strong against Bug, Fighting, and Grass types – which are what you’ll most likely deal with early on since those are among the most common types in the game. On the other hand, they just look cool. Any old creature can crawl on the ground, but Flying types take to the sky. You’ll also want to nab quite a few of these if you’re hoping to get a gold Bird Keeper medal in Pokemon GO, so here’s where you can find them.

The best thing about Flying type Pokemon is that they can be found anywhere at any time. In fact, two of the most common Pokemon currently in Pokemon, Pidgey and Spearow, fly. As long as you have a signal, you have the opportunity to catch one of these types during your adventure. Just make sure to keep a healthy supply of Poke Balls on hand, and some Razz Berries just in case you encounter one that’s a little stronger than what you’re used to.

As long as you keep an eye out, you’ll have plenty of Flying type Pokemon to use in Gyms or to convert into Candy for some more power and evolutions.

Looking to get the rest of Pokemon GO’s medals? Check out the rest of our type location guides here, and after you’re done collecting all the avian friends you need, feel free to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide for all of your Pokemon training needs.


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