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Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Eevee


Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Eevee

Catch the most adorable Pokemon around.

Pokemon trainers always want an Eevee, not just because it’s cute and cuddly, but also because the ‘mon can evolve into multiple different types. Among these are the fire type Flareon, the water type Vaporeon and the electric type Jolteon, all of would be great collection additions in Pokemon GO.

Eevee itself is a normal type Pokemon however, so you’re going to find it where you generally find the rest of the normals. The Eevees we’ve caught have all appeared in the city/suburbs in fairly plentiful supply. You may have a hard time finding them in specific areas like a park where Grass and Bug Pokemon appear, or by a lake where Water Pokemon may appear. However, if you wander around your town’s neighborhooods or downtown area for a while, you’re sure to find one. They also seem more likely to appear during the daytime rather than at night, as all the ones we’ve caught have been during the day.

Once you’ve caught that cute little Eevee, getting 25 Eevee candy will evolve it into either Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon. While you’re at it, make sure to take a look at our essential Pokemon GO Wiki Guide, to help you out on your Pokemon adventure.

Have you caught an Eevee yet in Pokemon GO? Which Pokemon are you still on the hunt for?

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