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Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Chansey


Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Chansey


Chansey might not be one of the higher CP Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it’s definitely a rare one for your average trainer’s collection. Before you go out Chansey-hunting, do note that you’ll need a higher trainer level in order to encounter it. So far, all reports are stating that Chansey can be encountered from levels five to seven and onwards. Chansey is a Normal-type Pokemon, so it doesn’t really have a natural habitat. However, you might be able to track it down by paying attention to its characteristics and personality.

To increase your chances of finding a Chansey, try hanging around a pharmacy or even small clinics to see if it appears. Given Chansey’s role as a healer in the Pokemon games and anime series, it’s unsurprising to hear of Pokemon GO players finding it at such places.

Another method to getting a Chansey, though it’s a lot less reliable, is through hatching a Pokemon egg. So far, all of the player reports have mentioned that Chansey only hatches from a 10km egg because of the Pokemon’s rarity. So, in short, you’re going to want to try your luck by using Incense or Lure Modules at pharmacies, or just hatching 10km eggs for your Chansey.

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