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Pokemon GO: How to Find Gyms


Pokemon GO: How to Find Gyms

No more wasting time!

While on the hunt for better and rare Pokemon, you are going to need to go to gyms to battle and collect new items. However, all players won’t have the time and dedication to explore nearby neighborhoods to find the nearest Pokemon Go Gyms.

Thankfully, fans of the game have created a custom map that covers up to 600 gyms and PokeStops across the country. As expected, the map is far from complete, but the creators behind it all are hoping that more people continue to add more Gyms and PokeStops to give players an easier understanding database.

If the area you live in does not show up in the custom Google Map, there is another way to locate nearby gyms. Players will first want to download an app called Ingress and create an account (you can sign up with a Google Account, just like Pokemon GO). Once you have created an account  you will then want to go to Ingress’s Intel website to reveal all nearby portals, that are made up of PokeStops and Gyms.

After following the steps, you will then be all set and ready to conquer all nearby gyms. For more information on Pokemon GO be sure to check out our ultimate guide for all your training needs.

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